How do a prominent preacher or pastor who thousands follow and millions abroad began to know and love find yourself behaving in immoral ways in which most everyday church members wouldn't normally? This is the question We are sometimes asked. The question has become occasioned through the recent conduct of some prominent Christian leaders. One particular who raise such question come in effect questioning whether or not such spiritual leaders use a genuine relationship with all the Lord. I have faith that these occurrences highlight the need for the call to renew our mind.
The Bible says to, "Be ye transformed from the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:2). Paul the apostle was required to write these words on the church at Rome. To put it differently, these words just weren't provided to the world but towards the believers in Christ.
Why is this a tremendous point? Because although the persons whom Paul was chatting with were already Christians, he tells them they need to become transformed by renewing their mind. This point lays the inspiration for I would like to address on this page.
The key point is the fact that although we're born again and transformed into a whole new creation the minute we accept Christ as our Savior, the renewing in our system is not instantaneous. And because we've got become born again does not mean we do not have messed up believing that has to be addressed.

God will not want us to consentrate since the world does. He wants us to possess a God-focused view about life. As an illustration, I sense that numerous Christians are troubled through the events currently happening in our world: The economy is not good, rental destruction are abounding and much more destructive, crimes have grown to be more unthinkable, our government is practically dysfunctional, etc.
But as God's people, our faith needs to be in Him and not in the systems of the world. His capacity to offer His people is just not be subject to the condition of the economy or some different. He's provided us the term of God to transform our thought process to ensure that we might have these kinds of faith-filled perspective.
So what happens as we opt to not make renewing of our mind important? I endure you that this kind of decision would've negative impact on our fellowship with God. Contemplate it. Before we stumbled on Christ, we were living off of the unhealthy food on this world: music with objectionable lyrics, pornography, dysfunctional family settings, promiscuity, emotional or physical abuse, etc. If we want to be attuned to God also to be able to sense the leadership of His Spirit in our life, we should understand this junk away from our mind and renew our thinking being one with Him. Again, our main tool for achieving this change of mind is the Word of God.
This call to become transformed through the renewing of our own system is no option but a commandment: "Let this mind have you, that was also in Christ Jesus" (Philippians. 2:5). In essence, this verse is a commandment allowing your head of Christ to manipulate our way of life. If our keeping the mind of Christ was incidental to accepting Christ, the commandment for us to "let this mind have you" would have been a vain point, however is not case. To hold the mindset of Christ, we must make personal investment to the process.
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